Vehicle tracking. Record expenses.Be IRD compliant.Reduce your tax bill.

Claim My Ride is an NZ made app that provides an easy, simple and accurate way to record your vehicle expenses using the IRD approved Kilometre Rate Method. If you’re using a manual logbook – ditch it now!

Maximise your expense claim opportunity

If you use your vehicle regularly or even occasionally for business, then claiming vehicle expenses is a must. Maximise your expense claim opportunity with accurate expense recording in real time over the financial year.

Track your trip in real time using GPS
or track your trips manually

Simple user interface with quick start functions. Watch your total financial year expenses climb each time you record a trip.
Real time GPS tracking

Choose to track your trip in real time using your phone GPS function. Watch your expense claim climb as you drive.

Manual trip logging

Forgot to record a trip? No problem! Log your trips manually by entering in start and end addresses. Let the app do the rest.

Xero Exports

Export your expenses for Xero to easily upload your information.

Multiple formats

Export your expenses in PDF or Excel formats for record keeping or further analysis.

IRD Compliant

Export IRD compliant and accountant ready reports in easy-to-read formats.

Save time with automated reporting

Save time with automated reporting in PDF, Excel and Xero export formats. IRD compliant and defaulted to current expense rates.
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Separate your trips using
multiple drivers & vehicles

Claim My Ride allows you to correctly separate your trips by creating different drivers and vehicles.
Add multiple drivers

Create your new driver to separate your trips and track expenses independently.

Add multiple vehicles

Track your trips against separate vehicles so you can correctly claim your expenses.

Upgrade to premium to unlock your full tracking capabilities

Improve your tracking with
Claim My Ride Premium

  • Track unlimited trips every month
  • Add multiple drivers to separate your expenses
  • Add unlimited vehicles to track your trips against
  • Support us in providing the best vehicle tracking app in NZ
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Frequently Asked Questions

So I can use Claim My Ride instead of my Logbook?

Yes! The app will record all the data you need and automatically provide reports for you in an easy to read format that is also accountant/IRD compliant

Can I adjust the kilometre expense rates?

Yes, you can customise the kilometre expense if required. It is defaulted to the current IRD rate.

Can I add different business use categories?

Yes, you can add other categories as required. i.e. a property manager may want to setup up a category for each house they manage

Will the app drain my phone battery?

No more than other apps you use. The GPS function is on only while you use the app. To avoid battery usage, plug in your charger while it is in your vehicle.

Can I export my trips to Xero

Yes, we can provide you with a Xero approved export format that will enable you to upload into your Xero dashboard

Can my employees use this to record business use in their personal vehicles?

Yes, Claim My Ride provides an effective and accurate way of enabling staff to report back to management on business use

How do I add my vehicle to the app?

Simply select “add vehicle” and type in your registration number. The app will do the rest.

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